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 North Campus

North Campus Underground Infrastructure Project


Much of the underground infrastructure on north campus has reached the end of its expected service life, and over this spring and summer, FMD has been approved to undertake the first phase of a large-scale project to renew the buried infrastructure near Herty Field.  We are seizing a rare time when the campus occupancy is less than normal in hopes of minimizing disruption to normal operations.  This first phase will include installation of new heating water distribution pipes that will eventually replace the failing steam distribution system serving Candler Hall, Meigs Hall, Moore College, Holmes-Hunter, New College, Demosthenian Hall, and the Chapel.  Additionally, the campus chilled water loop will be extended to serve Moore College and Meigs Hall, allowing the removal of the existing stand-alone chiller and cooling tower.  Additionally a domestic water line will be replaced and an electrical vault will be rebuilt.  No major utility disruptions should be necessary to complete this work.
The above mentioned infrastructure and utilities are beyond their useful life and require modernization and replacement to ensure reliable HVAC, electrical, and water services. The immediate benefit will be improved chilled water service to Meigs Hall and Moore College.  Long Term, this project lays the infrastructure for phase two, which will complete the in ground piping and fully transition all of these buildings from steam to heating hot water without the need to excavate the area again at a later time. Both the heating and cooling system improvements will have future provisions to be extended as far north as Holmes-Hunter in the second phase of this work.  The timing of phase two is still undecided; however, it will not occur this spring or summer.
Please refer to the attached map. The impacts (detours, noise, construction vehicles and activity) will be contained to Herty Drive and areas immediately south of Meigs Hall and Moore College, and east of Candler Hall. A significant portion of Herty Field will be fenced off for excavation and a construction lay down area.  About one-half of the Herty Field area, including the fountain, will remain accessible for campus use.
The preliminary work will begin with exploratory excavation south of Moore College the week of March 14th involving heavy equipment and dump trucks traversing Herty Drive. Major construction activities, including fencing off the larger construction area, is anticipated to begin by April 1st. Expect continued work in the area until project completion, tentatively scheduled for August 1st. During construction, pedestrian detours will be required for several buildings. The attached map indicates which building entrances, adjacent to the work area, will remain open at all times.