Human Resources

Basic Leadership Series - A new training program targeting employees who show high potential and interest in future leadership role.

The Facilities Management division has started to implement a Basic Lead training program designed to coach and mentor the next generation of leaders in our organization. It’s designed to “strengthen the bench” and prepare high potential contributors for the possibility of taking a position that includes leadership and management. We are starting to feel the effect of baby boomers that are leaving the workforce.  They are taking decades of knowledge and experience with them. Employment projections show that 45% of the workforce are “boomers” (born in 1946 – 1964).  The earliest boomers are turning age 65 this year; which means that in the next 18 years we will lose many great employees, and a tremendous amount of knowledge to retirement.  Dr. Reginald Woods and Mrs. Sandy Peterson see this as an organizational opportunity to encourage mentoring relationships, knowledge-sharing, and the “passing of the baton” to future generations.

This does not mean that the new generations and practices will be the same as the past; quite the contrary!  The new generation offers new technology, ways of communicating, and intriguing work teams and strategies that are less focused on hierarchy and more on empowering and results.  The class content retains the wisdom of our elders, but also respects the innovation of our youth. FMD is excited to offer this training to our staff in February 2013.