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What We Do

What We Do

Our Facilities Inventory database includes information for the University of Georgia buildings, the space within the buildings and how that space is being used. The maintenance of this information is important to UGA and the University System of Georgia as a whole to allow for effective management and efficient utilization of all physical facilities.

The Facilities Inventory Plansroom houses most construction documents for all UGA buildings and property. Our digital floor plan files can be accessed online using your UGA MyID. The construction documents are available by request to These documents reflect the history of the construction and renovation on and off main campus and are used by students, FMD maintenance, Engineering and Construction departments, the Office of University Architects and the many design professionals that work on UGA projects.

WE CAN USE YOUR HELP!!! We need the UGA community to keep us informed of facilities changes by reporting to for room, departmental, and floor plan changes, in addition to reporting campus map changes and submitting construction documents to Facilities Inventory. By working together we can make the Facilities Inventory more accurate and useful for everyone.


Contact for access.