Facilities Inventory

The Facilities Inventory Department provides an essential resource for information on all University of Georgia owned structures. Our purpose is to update, maintain and report all building related information. We also provide information to Consultants, UGA departments as well as FMD Employees in order to facilitate renovation, construction, day to day production, and campus maintenance.


We are here to provide assistance with all of your Facilities Inventory needs:

  • Facilities related Information
  • Room number assignments for new construction and renovations
  • Building number assignments
  • Building Information Updates
  • Address Assignments
  • Access to PDF floor plans and electronic documents
  • Report room and departmental changes
  • Report floor plan changes and updates
  • Report campus map updates and changes


Contact Us: facilities-inventory@fmd.uga.edu

Peggy Johnson, Data Specialist Manager
(706) 542-9365

Joshua Mallory, CAD Specialist
(706) 542-7139

Colleen Wu, Data Specialist III
(706) 542-8013

Markey Lucas, Data Specialist II
(706) 542-8805

Sharon Pointer, CAD Specialist
(706) 542-7483

Helen Peng, GIS Specialist
(706) 542-6991