The Work Request Center (WRC) is FMD’s primary contact for receiving service calls, dispatching staff to respond to emergencies throughout campus, and requesting facility renovation and/or alteration projects. The department coordinates preliminary cost assessments, communicates facility engineering and project management support for project scheduling, and assists customer needs during the process.


Kimberly Thomas, Director

(706) 542-7538


Shelia Williams, Administrative Assistant

(706) 542-7479


Diane Long, Maintenance Dispatcher

(706) 542-7456


Daltavion Almond, Customer Service Representative

(706) 542-9099


Wendy Brown, Customer Service Representative

(706) 542-9125


Mike Callihan, Work Control Coordinator

(706) 542-7477


Lizz Dorsey, Work Control Coordinator

(706) 542-7455